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favorite tvd scenes [20/?]

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do i have a crush on you or am i just lonely

do i like you or do i like that you like me

do I like you or do I like the idea of you

do i want to be in a relationship or do i just want to prove that i’m worthy of one

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Now in the passed them again I will die with your hand,
So I have gathered  y o u r  cracks …

a n d    r e p l a c e d    t h e m    w i t h    m i n e .

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my computer’s fan got fucking hot and it literally burned my finger bc of sims 4

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Bisexual Frustration: Everyone is Hot and I’m Really Bad at Handling It - my autobiography

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EW: Tell us something about a Walking Dead castmate that they don’t want us to know… [x]

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